Gerardot & Co. retail restaurant branding and environmental and retail signage design

Branding a sense of place.

The environmental brand design for this new down-home, fast-casual restaurant gives it a voice, a face, and a place for its new heart and old soul.

We design and brand retail environments for restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. As brand launchers and brand managers for restaurant start-up, The Grainery, Gerardot & Co. designed all exterior retail display and directional signage. Collaborating with architects and retail designers, we also branded and designed the interior retail environment including point-of-sale design, retail display design and a custom menu system design.

The design of this restaurant’s branded environment gives it a chance to live out loud and share straight talk and  folksy wisdom about fresh food, about families eating together again, and about a time when life was, well… a whole lot simpler.